Saturday, February 20, 2010

mike kinsella


Somewhat bitter. And partially resentful. But all heart.
Mike Kinsella is a truely amazing artist, with talent beyond description.

So all that can be done is to let you listen to his work, and discover for yourself.


Mike Kinsella's first band, formed when he was just 11 years old. Cap'n Jazz were short lived, yet still quite influential in it's fast & messy, party rock, emo indie sound. Cap'n Jazz make music which you need to crank up the volume, and play it loud, to capture that raw noise indie sound. These was the roots in which Mike Kinsella would later draw upon for future musical projects.

It's the stuff parties in the 90's were made of.


Fast Forward 9 years. Now Kinsella has a new band by the name of American Football.

Their music is much more clean than Cap'n and had more of an emo influence. Kinsella's singing is much more a part of the song development, structure and style of the band. His lyrics bring meaning to songs more, which will later become more evident in his solo career. Kinsella's singing style still shows signs of his Cap'n Jazz influence, however, his lyrics and singing has cleaned up more, becoming more stylized and emotive.

American Football are a solid indie/punk/emo band. Quality beyond measure, for this genre.


Mike Kinsella branched out into his solo project, Owen, in 2001 after the end of American Football in 2000.

Owen is Kinsella's finest work, with beautiful singing, great acoustics, and the perfect bass guitar accompanying, making his music a simplistic masterpiece of noise.

Just plain soothing. 

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