Saturday, February 27, 2010

eye opening music


Some music is just odd.
This is an arrangement of assorted noises to create music.
Eye Opening Music.

Friday, February 26, 2010

the silver lining


Not sure what to say. When life is doing not too much, i can switch on some tunes to make me sad, then by the end, i feel optimistic and happy. Love it! Songs can change your emotions, and challenge your thoughts, alter your entire mood. It's like a fresh crisp page, to start over your life. And when it all comes crashing to shit again. You just slip back into the songs you love.

Get ready to flip your frown upside down. 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

oh so wonderfull


sweet music,



Hungry Kids are just plain awesome. Not much more needed to be said. They display great Brisbane talent.


Don't let their bland (and fairly hard to say in casual conversation) name fool you. They are able to communicate in great depth with very little, simplistic styled music.

Broadcast 2000 are cooler than a fridge. 


wide eyes blind love


An interesting band, producing some quality alt folk music. They have much potential, and are talented, imaginative and write music which you can just sit and enjoy. With Mumford And Sons-esque vocals, yet softer and more pleasant acoustics.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

english accents, musical excellence


English Indie Pop has alot to offer. And The Answering Machine offers it best. They provide music that sound the way it should, with no parts you wish they had changed. They deliver the lyrics amazingly, so that the song and singing melt together, rather than just compliment eachother. This genre tends to have alot of give and take between the instruments and the vocals, producing top quality music. So enjoy this assortment of english indie pop talent.


Monday, February 22, 2010

elegant bliss



Fiona Apple is one of those rare talents who seemed to get lost along the line somewhere. She isn't a household name. She isn't raking in the millions. She didnt release her songs just yesterday. She isn't doing anything wrong. Her songs are great. Her music is there. But it seems that there aren't many people out there who have discovered her.
It's time to discover perfection.

"The world is beautiful, but has a disease called man”
Friedrich Nietzsche                     

Paramore, although not quite in the alternative indie genre, still infrequently put out a great alternative song. Their acoustic versions of their main songs are often amazing and better than the original. They really show their variety in the song 'Misguided Ghosts', off their 2009 release of their 3rd Studio Album, 'Brand New Eyes'. It is very basic, simplistic and cute.

Love it!

"You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree”
Michael Crichton                      


Regina is such a great artist in many ways. She has merged modern pop with classic piano (the stuff your grandparents listen to). She has an amazing ability to stretch her vocals from high to low instantaniously, which add to her musical success. Spektor manages to revamp the piano to make it just a little less boring, and a bit more experimental and lively. You have to admire her talent displayed in her songs, however she has a decent amount of flaws within the songs. The type where you think to yourself "I would have done that note differently". This can be looked over though, because her rough patches, are only short in duration, often less than a second. This in no way, shape or form should lead one to under estimate what she worth as a singer/songwriter. She a gifted young artist with a long career still ahead of her.


“The only beautiful things are the things that do not concern us.”
Oscar Wilde          


Sunday, February 21, 2010


Music should:
  • Be honest
  • Stir emotions within its audience
  • Display talent with the instuments being played
  • Sound right, so deep down you know, that it is sheer perfection.
Luckily, Daytrotter gives us this. They get great artists, and straight out record in thier little studio. It's amazing to hear what the bands are really like. More intimate. More true to themselves. Pure bliss.

So Without further ado, here is...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

cold & alone


Grizzly Bear are a good band, but really access their tender side in their contibution to the album 'Dark Was The Night'. They express a cold empty feeling, the type you get at the end of a good night, knowing the night is over. Never to return.

Also, their cover of Hot Chip's 'Boy From School' is quality and worth mention.


mike kinsella


Somewhat bitter. And partially resentful. But all heart.
Mike Kinsella is a truely amazing artist, with talent beyond description.

So all that can be done is to let you listen to his work, and discover for yourself.


Mike Kinsella's first band, formed when he was just 11 years old. Cap'n Jazz were short lived, yet still quite influential in it's fast & messy, party rock, emo indie sound. Cap'n Jazz make music which you need to crank up the volume, and play it loud, to capture that raw noise indie sound. These was the roots in which Mike Kinsella would later draw upon for future musical projects.

It's the stuff parties in the 90's were made of.


Fast Forward 9 years. Now Kinsella has a new band by the name of American Football.

Their music is much more clean than Cap'n and had more of an emo influence. Kinsella's singing is much more a part of the song development, structure and style of the band. His lyrics bring meaning to songs more, which will later become more evident in his solo career. Kinsella's singing style still shows signs of his Cap'n Jazz influence, however, his lyrics and singing has cleaned up more, becoming more stylized and emotive.

American Football are a solid indie/punk/emo band. Quality beyond measure, for this genre.


Mike Kinsella branched out into his solo project, Owen, in 2001 after the end of American Football in 2000.

Owen is Kinsella's finest work, with beautiful singing, great acoustics, and the perfect bass guitar accompanying, making his music a simplistic masterpiece of noise.

Just plain soothing. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

cuter than a kitten

Orba Squara is one of those cute artists, which you just don't want to let slip through your fingers.
It's so sweet and innocent, you're left happier at the end of the song, no matter what.
Orba's cover of Lady Gaga's hit song 'Poker Face', has drawn some attention towards this amazing artist, as has his song 'Perfect Timing (This Morning)' being featured in the iPhone commercial.


Owen Pallett is really just a one hit wonder. But that one hit, is absolutely stunning, cute, and lifechanging.
The cutest and most amazing little song.